OL 504 Nonprofit AdWords Training 4: Fine Tuning for Impact
Let us show you how to increase performance and reduce management time.
Learn how to make incremental improvements that will add up to be BIG.
An 8 Week Online Course. Course dates are in the column at the right.
This course—Fine Tuning for Impact—has a prerequisite: Landing Pages.
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After completing 501, 502, and 503—you now have a very successful family of AdWords campaigns up and running.
Now, it’s time to begin both making incremental improvements which will add up to become BIG—and also discover some tools which will help you oversee and manage your account.
So I’m presenting you with a pallet of tools that you can explore. Some of these are things that you simply do once (ad scheduling) and then you’re done. Some of them are simply ways of looking at information from different directions—and you’ll probably find one that is the best one for you to use—letting the other 4 or 5 drift away.
So this really isn’t going to add a lot more work to your AdWords account management.
Over the next eight weeks we will explore each one of these—and then you can select the two or three which will increase performance and/or reduce management time.
This course is both for AdWords beginners who just completed course 3: Landing Pages—and also for more advanced users who want to re-analyze their strategies and increase their successes.
Detailed Summary: Nonprofit AdWords Training 4: Fine Tuning for Impact.
Week 1. Minimizing poor CTR keywords and maximizing high performing keywords. Negative Keywords.
Week 2. Duplicate Keywords. Ad scheduling. Ad Budget.
Week 3. Quality Score. Ad Rank.
Week 4. Conversion Code. Callout Extensions.
Week 5. Google AdWords Editor Version 11.
Week 6. Grouping Keywords. Dynamic Keyword Insertion.
Week 7. Viewing an ad by Campaign Settings: All Settings. Locations. Ad Schedule. Devices. These let you see a different view of clicks, impressions & CTR’s—plus see things that you should consider adding like mobile devices.
Week 8. Google Analytics. Google Webmaster. Google Grants Help Forum. Grantspro Program.
Bonus: 20 Resources to keep you up to date.
We understand what you need: The Center for Sustainable Development uses Google AdWords for nonprofits too!
This training program is not based upon lectures—it is based upon action. Each week’s activity comes with step-by-step instructions and editable templates for you to customize to best address your AdWords program. Course facilitators will work individually with you as consultants each week in developing your specific campaign.
We look forward to working with you online. We have provided training to people in 153 countries.

Nonprofit AdWords Training Fees
This 8-week course is $150.00. There are no other costs nor books to buy: all course materials, editable templates, and guides are downloaded from the course site.

How to Enroll. Simply pay the course fee and fill out the Student Enrollment Form by clicking the Enroll Now button just below.

If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us at: Online.Learning@TimMagee.net. Many questions are answered on our Online Learning FAQ.
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Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate. Earn a full Diploma by taking all four AdWords courses:

OL 501 Nonprofit AdWords Training 1: Getting Started

OL 502 Nonprofit AdWords Training 2: The Next Step

OL 503 Nonprofit AdWords Training 3: Landing Pages

OL 504 Nonprofit AdWords Training 4: Fine Tuning for Impact

Learn more about Certificates and Diplomas.