OL 540: Nonprofit AdWords Certificate Program

A Module of 4 Courses
A diploma program of online field courses.

1. Course cycles are two months long. Most courses are offered every month.
2. The dates for courses on the webpage sidebar are the dates for the very next upcoming course offering.
3. The 540 Diploma program is made up of four courses. To get the diploma, you must complete the four required, sequential, courses for OL 540: 501, 502, 503, and 504 —one a time, one after the other.
4. This four course diploma can be done in about 8 – 12 months. You can determine your own pace for enrolling these courses—it is not required that you complete the diploma in a specific period of time.

OL 540 Diploma Program: Designing and Funding Non-Profit Projects

Courses are $150.00 each; therefore the four courses in the diploma program = $600.00.

The first course to enroll in is OL 501.
Upon completion of each course you will receive a certificate. Earn a full Diploma by taking all four AdWords courses:

OL 501 Nonprofit AdWords Training 1: Getting Started

OL 502 Nonprofit AdWords Training 2: The Next Step

OL 503 Nonprofit AdWords Training 3: Landing Pages

OL 504 Nonprofit AdWords Training 4: Fine Tuning for Impact

Learn more about Certificates and Diplomas.
To Enroll:
It is quite simple to enroll in our courses – the first of the series being OL 501.
Simply pay and then fill out the Student Information Sheet.
STEP 3: Student Information Sheet.


We look forward to working with you online.

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