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About International Development Organization: INGO & NGO

About International Development Organization: INGO & NGO


12. Boost your NGO impact: Train, Consult & Download the Best Information for you & your Project

What is the difference in our approach with an International Development Organization versus a Non-Profit organization?

International Development Track
If you have an interest in working with a solution to a community challenge in a developing nation on projects as diverse as food security, hunger, poverty, indigenous communities, humanitarian aid, water, health, hygiene, agriculture, the environment, adaptation to global warming and climate change, marketing family farm produce, gender, or education, ask about our International Development Training and Consulting Program.
Are you a traditional non-profit organization from a developed nation instead? This might be a better page for you.
We have provided consulting and training to development staff from 500 organizations in 153 countries to develop and manage projects that impact over 400,000 people. Their projects have utilized 270 different kinds of solutions to address a community challenge. Scan the list to see which solution would work best for your project.
“Tim Magee is to be commended for producing a change in the way development is practiced, and so directly contribute to the improvement of millions of lives around the world.”

Howard White
Executive Director, 3ie

International Development Partners have access to the following support services:
Information, Training and Consulting.  We specialize in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training around the world for the development profession.
Who are our International Development Partners?
Tanzanian partners drawing a participatory map.
An International Development Partner is an organization who is interested in providing help to a community to solve a challenge they face. International Development Partners are:
  • A local, national NGO hoping to increase project impact
  • A concerned citizen group contributing to development in their own nation
  • An international NGO with projects in different countries
  • Frontline staff working to improve the design, launch and management of an impact oriented project in some of the most remote villages on earth
  • Partner projects, on average, impact 1,084 people
Where are the villages?
Mountain village alongside a lake in Guatemala.
We have worked with partners from 153 countries—80% of them from a developing nation. You Can Design One Too: Our 100 Best Field Projects. Village examples have been a community of:
  • Pastoralists in Mongolia, Ethiopia and Tanzania suffering from a loss of their livestock due to extreme weather
  • Farmers in Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal who lost their crops, animals and tools to flooding
  • Islanders in Fiji, Antigua, Mauritius, and Samoa who have lost land, farms and lives to coastal erosion and flooding
  • Farmers in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Uganda who have lost years of crop production due to drought
  • Fishermen in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Zanzibar who have lost livelihoods to overfishing and ecosystem deterioration
Don’t have community access—but still want to learn and participate? No problem: we partner you with a Field Partner who does have community access.
Questions? Contact us.

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