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Mentoring, Coaching or e Learning: Fund & Design Projects

You probably work for a non-profit that is focused on programs such as animal welfare, community development, the environment—or a food bank or homeless shelter: and you love your non-profit and the work you do.
  • Would you like to boost your proposal and project design skill sets to raise more funds?
  • Would you like to increase current project or program effectiveness and impact?
  • Would you like me to help you find enough time to get everything done?
  • Would you like to improve donor communications for better donor engagement?
“I have already taken two previous online courses. None of these can compare to your course in terms of innovation and stimulation to action and reflection that develop learners’ competences.” Edouard
I’ve been helping nonprofits for over 30 years. I offer a training program that comes in three optional formats: a 3 month Private Coaching Program, a 6 month Mentoring Program and through 8 week distance Learning Courses. These three programs are designed to give you dedicated help in:
  • Improving project design, management, impact and sustainability
  • Increasing funding levels by creating better communication and engagement with donors
“I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the knowledge addition to our careers and the time you take to correct our assignments. This has opened doors for us to venture into designing our own projects, and I’m very sure we shall never go POOR. You’ve indeed taught us how to FISH—not provided FISH.” Dianah
“Thank you for all your effort in putting together a great program and all of the program resources. Thank you for everything – for making this possible, for your guidance, and for your continuous optimism and encouragement. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the next session.” Wye Yee
“I’m so excited with the whole experience this training has provided me. The interaction with the community, sharing their lives, their enthusiasm in participating and opening up to me – and with lots of hope in seeing me engage with them.” George
“This training program is an absolute cracker. After undertaking the course, I was able to relate and transform community need into a project idea that could attract donor funding. It was indeed an eye opener for me.” Perry
What You Will Accomplish
By the end of the first three month program, you will have developed a real project based upon real need determined through a participatory assessment—and you will have contacted a donor for feedback and for relationship building.

You will have updated your blog with new posts describing project design progress—and you will have sent out two email newsletters with compelling stories about your community. Most of all, you will get confidence that you are working on the right things—using tested strategies that have worked for me in multiple projects. I will show you how to do all of this.

Write Faster
Using all I’ve learned over 30 years about what works and what doesn’t work, I’ve created 10 sets of project design templates (detailed step-by-step instructions and finished examples that will be used by you as templates) that you can download and customize to best fit your emerging project design. 10 logical steps: No more writing from scratch—just edit and modify my templates to best fit your project.
“As you know, as a real beginner in designing projects, without your project example templates I could never have written even a single word by myself.” Moise
“This program was absolutely awesome! The course content, instruction, example projects, on-line resources and the most valuable – your timely guidance on the assignments were all perfectly done.” Boris
Register for this three month program where I will personally evaluate the results from each of the 10 steps that you will take over the 3 months and provide written comments consultancy on each step in your project’s development. This is limited to 12 people.
We are also opening space for 10 people to join us for a more customized experience and to work directly with me on developing your project. The Mentoring Program is a combination of training, advising, and consulting that is more flexible than the Private Coaching program. The Mentoring Program also has a monthly one hour telephone call between the two of us.
Four Courses in the Diploma Program
In 201 and 202 you will develop projects that have had community input as part of the process of developing  long-term community commitment. You will also develop a set of management and presentation documents for approaching donors.

In OL 203 and 204 you will research solutions to the special challenges in your project in order to refine your project’s activities. You will learn how to launch, manage and develop long-term sustainability in a project whose impact may not be measured in years, but in decades.

The Second Three Months. 
In the second quarter you will accomplish the following activities. I also include an additional 10 sets of templates for these activities.
  1. Clearly define which donors are best for you: individuals visiting your website or private foundations
  2. Tune up your blog post and newsletter to capture donor imagination
  3. Make sure your donation page is effective and simple to use
  4. Explore different ways to identify foundation donors and select one which is appropriate for your organization
  5. Using the information that you developed about your project in parts 1 and 2, write a letter of inquiry to a foundation
  6. While waiting for funding to roll in, set up a community / volunteer co-management committee for one of your programs
  7. Launch a workshop with staff, volunteers, and/or community members on an activity called out your project design
“I just want to take this opportunity to complement you on the practical ideas, knowledge and vast experience that you continue to share with us on each assignment; many times your examples are the solution of choice for our community. I have been provided with constant support, practical solutions suitable for my project, feedback specific to our project submissions (so we know Tim reads our assignments!) and unwavering encouragement.
Tim and his online team are only an email away and based on my own experiences never failed to respond to my challenges, concerns, successes and queries. I know that my community members and I have benefited tremendously from our interaction with Tim and participation in the program. I do wish you continued success with your commitment and drive in providing excellent service, and valuable and practical knowledge.” Gillian
How Can You Work One-on-One with me in one of these two programs?
  1. Visit the Private Coaching the Mentoring Program, and the Diploma Program of 8 week Distance Learning Courses web pages.
  2. Decide which option works best for you
  3. Click on “Add to Cart” and pay
  4. Fill out the Program Application Form
You’ll then receive a confirmation email and a welcome note with all of the additional information you need to get started. Upon program completion I will send you a diploma authorized by the Center for Sustainable Development.

I hope that you enjoy this. If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tim Magee

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