International Online e Learning & Distance Education Programs
Field Training via Distance Learning

I offer my distance learning program through the Center for Sustainable Development.

People from 153 different countries and 500 organizations have developed projects in my courses impacting over 400,000 people. Learn about the projects our partners have developed in the field through the courses.

They began the process in one of these three flagship courses:

4 New Videos provide an introduction to this course. Here is the first video of the four:


If a scenario below applies to you—then one of the courses above would be perfect for you.

  • Are you considering a career change, a new job search, or vying for a promotion?
  • Would you like to boost your proposal writing & project management skill sets to raise more funds?
  • Would you like to learn more about designing and implementing Community Based Development projects?

If you are more interested in a Non Profit program for developed nations follow this link.

Two kinds of Distance Learning are available. What’s the difference between my Teacher Led Distance Learning program and the Online e Learning courses?

1. Teacher Led Distance Learning Program:
The  Distance Learning program is not a student to computer interface. Each teacher, is a development expert who has gained their development experience in face-to-face non-profit and NGO consulting in the field. They consult weekly with each course participant on their project, provide technical support, and help them design, launch and manage their project.

Here is an example of a Teacher Led Distance Learning course: OL 101 Designing and Funding International Development Projects. I offer these Teacher Led courses through the Center for Sustainable Development; see the full Course Catalogue.

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2. 100% Online e Learning Courses
In 2014 I realized that there was a much larger audience for these courses and so adapted courses for a true e-learning platform—and included instructive videos. These courses are designed to both save you money and to enable you complete them at your own pace.

Here is an example of an Online e Learning course: How to Design and Fund International Development Projects

This is a traditional online e Learning experience. However, if you follow each step-by-step weekly assignment you will find yourself developing a real project in a real community just like a Distance Learning student does.


With the Online e Learning course you get 100% of the learning materials provided in our  Distance Learning courses; the materials include:

  • 29 lectures
  • A dozen instructive videos
  • 60 templates written by Tim Magee for you to download and personalize to fit your project
  • Links to over 300 development documents and handbooks

Watch these 4 New Videos to get an introduction.

By the way, these courses are as relevant to a person considering a career change into development as they are to an experienced, professional NGO staff member.

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