OL 602: Maintaining and Growing Your New WordPress Website
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Now that your new WordPress website is up and running, this course is going to show you 12 very simple things that you can do to 1.) maintain the site so that it’s always in good condition and 2.) allow you to grow the site with new blogs and with new informative pages.
Now: The purpose of this course is to show you how to quickly and easily do the most common tasks.
Future: Once you’re comfortable with routine maintenance and adding simple pages and blog posts, you can begin exploring some of the deeper areas on your site to find out more advanced things you can do. WordPress is immensely powerful, has an unusual number of free and low-cost tools choose from. We will also show you where to find information from the WordPress community—and provide you with a set of resources in different areas for finding out more in-depth information.
But for now, this course will be focused on the basics so you get right to work! Here is what is in store for you: 12 approachable steps.
1. Day one at your new site: An introduction.
  1. logging in
  2. opening your dashboard
  3. opening up a finished page
  4. opening up a finished page for editing
  5. seeing where your photos are
  6. seeing where your blog posts are
  7. seeing your pages in Tree View
  8. learning about your webpage’s theme
  9. learning where to go to customize different elements with your theme
  10. menus, widgets, columns and sidebars
  11. seeing what plug-ins your webpage is using
2. How to post a new blog.
3. How to add new pages.
4. The difference between HTML (text) and WYSIWIG (visual) editing. Which one is better for you?
5. Four ways to add content to new pages. Find the one that is the easiest for you to use.
  1. Templates: copying an existing page that you like and then editing it to become a new page
  2. Copy/pasting, editing and formatting in HTML (text)
  3. Copy/pasting, editing and formatting in WYSIWYG (visual)
  4. Word: converting Word documents into HTML documents for pasting into a new page
6. Links. How to add links both to other pages on your website (Donate here!) and to other websites as well.
7. Photos. How to upload and then insert photos into new page.
8. Documents. How to upload documents into WordPress so that your website visitors can download them.
9. Editing a page. Even after carefully producing a new page you might need to reword a sentence. The best way to do this is to open up the page itself so that you can see it clearly, and then open up the same page in editing mode side by side.
10. Formatting: How to change things like font size and font color.
11. Four must-have copy/paste HTML snippets for:
  1. tables: useful for putting descriptive copy next to a photo
  2. bulleted lists
  3. numbered lists
  4. indented paragraphs
12. How to find answers from the WordPress community to WordPress questions you may have. The section also includes a set of links to the best online resources that we found for WordPress.
Nonprofit Technology Training Fees
This 8-week course is $150.00. There are no other costs nor books to buy: all course materials, editable templates, and guides are downloaded from the course site.
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If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us at: Online.Learning@TimMagee.net. Many questions are answered on our Online Learning FAQ.
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