OL 604 Mailing Lists and Email Newsletters
Let us show you how to begin capturing valuable new subscribers – and then sending them the newsletters that convert them into donors.
Learn how to get better at building your mailing list and capturing the imagination of your subscribers.
An 8 Week Online Course. Start dates are in the column at the right.

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Your mailing list is one of your most valuable assets. People who subscribe are interested in what you do. Unlike people who find you through an Internet search – once – you can communicate with new subscribers on a regular basis about things they are interested in.
The main purpose of an email newsletter is to get your subscriber base to click through to your website where they will find a landing page that will encourage them to learn more, donate, volunteer, and tell their friends.
This course is both for beginners who just completed courses 601 and 602: Maintaining your Website and Landing Pages and Simple SEO—and also for more advanced users who want to re-analyze their strategies and increase their successes.
Detailed Summary: OL 604 Mailing Lists and Email Newsletters.
Section 1: Capture Names!
Week 1. Introduction and where are you now? Do you have an email service provider? Who? Do you have subscription forms? Pop-ups? How to choose an email service provider. Or, evaluating if your service is up to snuff.
Week 2. Collecting subscriber names using your service’s tools. What information should you ask of a new subscriber? Double opt-in?
Week 3. Installing pop-ups on your website. Which type? Where? What should they say?
Week 4. Do you have a free offer to entice new subscribers? Compiling an E-book or information sheet to capture new subscribers.
Week 5. Managing subscriber information. Segmenting subscribers between say: donors & volunteers.
Section 2: Romance Subscribers!
Week 6. Subject lines. Your chance to be both creative and a Sherlock.
Week 7. The email itself. What should it look like? How long? The body of the newsletter. What will lure subscribers to click through to an actionable landing page on your website?
Week 8. Launch. Writing a new, compelling, newsletter dovetailed with an action-oriented landing page.
Bonus: 20 Resources to keep you up to date.
We understand what you need: The Center for Sustainable Development uses mailing lists and newsletters too!
This training program is not based upon lectures—it is based upon action. Each week’s activity comes with step-by-step instructions and editable templates for you to customize to best address your mailing list and newsletter programs.
Course facilitators will work individually with you as consultants each week in developing your specific campaign.
We look forward to working with you online. We have provided training to people in 153 countries.
Nonprofit Training Fees
This 8-week course is $150.00. There are no other costs nor books to buy: all course materials, editable templates, and guides are downloaded from the course site.
How to Enroll. Simply pay the course fee and fill out the Student Enrollment Form by clicking the Enroll Now button just below.
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Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate. Learn more about Certificates and Diplomas.
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