Website Design & Development for Nonprofit Organizations
Raise More Money. Do More Good.
Today’s websites need to be a little more sophisticated than even a few years ago.
Our tech team will design a website for you that is elegant and effective—quickly.
Do you need to develop a new web presence for your nonprofit? Or does your nonprofit currently have a website that needs an up-to-date facelift?
Members of our website team have been designing websites for nonprofits since 2001. We’ve learned a lot about what nonprofits need.
And… today’s websites need to be a tad more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. Now, website visitors are both mobile and in a hurry. To keep visitors happy and coming back, today’s list of website requirements need to include:
  • Mobile Friendly Architecture. Your website now needs to be mobile friendly: between 60% and 70% of people searching the Internet are using mobile devices rather than desktop computers.
  • Quick and Easy Navigation. You want your visitors to have an easy and successful experience when visiting your site.
  • Simplified Online Donation and Volunteer Forms. Your website needs to be strongly positioned for receiving online donations.
  • Landing Pages Relevant to a Visitor’s Search. The page that a website visitor lands on needs to very quickly let them 1.) know what the page is about, 2.) know if it is the right page for their interests, and 3.) see a strong call to action.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your pages need to be optimized by having your site’s content include keywords that your visitors are using for their search terms.
  • AdWords Grants for Nonprofits Integration. If you have a nonprofit AdWords grant from Google your landing pages need to be relevant to your ads and contain matching keywords to your ad campaigns.
Our tech team will design a website for you that is elegant and effective—quickly—so that you can get your website working to grow your nonprofit right away. We use the WordPress platform–the world’s largest web platform with over 75 million sites. WordPress is designed to let you grow with a huge selection of free and low cost tools for customizing your site.
For example, our website that you are looking at right now has been designed to:
  • be mobile friendly
  • be easy to navigate
  • receive online payments
  • have informative, action oriented landing pages
  • be optimized to be visible to search engines
  • have landing pages that that are relevant to our AdWords campaigns
Like our website? Our starter package will build you an exact replica of this website, with 10 pages to get you started—loaded with your content—in as little as 10 days.
You decide which ten pages to get started with. With these pages as master templates, adding future pages will be easy. Here are some ideas of what the ten pages could include:
  • home
  • about
  • blog
  • donations
  • newsletter subscription
  • a form page for new supporters such as volunteers
  • informational pages on specifically what your nonprofit does
  • contact us
  • our team
  • action and issues
Here’s how we can do it:
  1. We will walk you through a simple step by step process in securing your website’s name, hosting and DNS through a web hosting company.
  2. You will then choose which ten pages you need.
  3. We will give you a list of the content information that we need for the 10 pages.
  4. We will then get to work building your website.
  5. We will send you an early first draft of the first pages to get your comments.
  6. We will then incorporate your comments into the balance of the site.
  7. We will then take your site live.
Bonus. Those of you participating in the Website Starter Package for Nonprofits will be able to take our online course OL 602: Maintaining and Growing Your New WordPress Website at no additional cost. Once your new WordPress website is up and running, this course will show you 12 very simple things that you can do to 1.) maintain the site so that it’s always in good condition and 2.) allow you to grow the site with new blogs and with new informative pages. This represents a $150.00 value.
Two quick steps to get started. Simply 1.) make your first progress payment and then 2.) fill out the form just below so we know more about you.
Website Starter Package for Nonprofits: $1,250.00.
You can pay the $1,250 in three payments:
  1. 50% of the fee as a deposit
  2. 30% upon completion of the draft of the 10 page site
  3. 20% when minor revisions are complete and it is time for the site to go live.
You can pay here with a credit or debit card.
When you are ready to pay, click ‘Add to Cart.’ PayPal membership is not required; in the lower left you will see ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ Click ‘continue’ and you will be linked to the credit card form for non-PayPal members.

Choose your Training Program

The goal of the website starter package is to get a modern, mobile friendly website up and running for your organization quickly. To fulfill this goal, the website will include 10 pages, one photo and up to five links per page, and will appear just like this site. Once live and running you will have the templates needed for quickly adding more pages, photos and links—and for changing the site’s look and feel.
Additional modules that you may want to include:
Graphics Design Module: We will work with our graphic designer to develop a text logo for your organization—and a homepage banner. With the graphic designer we will also develop a color palette for your content and fonts that will complement your mission. $500.00.
Sales Module: This module will allow you to accept donations, and also set up an online store for your organization. $300.00.
Build Your Email List Module: We will lead you through a simple process to set up a MailChimp account for your organization. Our team will then set up a double opt-in subscription page for your organization’s newsletter—and also a pop-up subscription box. If you already have an email service provider—we will link the pop-up subscription box to them. $300.00.
Site Migration Module: Need to move from Squarespace or Weebly or another service to WordPress? This add-on includes migrating all of your existing content and pointing your domain name to your new WordPress site. $300.00.
Anything else? Just write us with your ideas and we will reply with a cost.
Additional Resources:
For other topics that may help you improve the effectiveness of your website, you can also explore our companion courses:
OL 602: Maintaining and Growing Your New WordPress Website Now that your new WordPress website is up and running, this course is going to show you 12 very simple things that you can do to 1.) maintain the site so that it’s always in good condition and 2.) allow you to grow the site with new blogs and with new informative pages.
OL 603 Landing Pages & Simple SEO for Your Website: In OL 603 you will learn how to convert Internet searchers into supporters of your nonprofit by improving the website landing pages that customers see first. Let us show you how to begin optimizing your landing pages and SEO for increased traffic and conversions.
OL 604 Mailing Lists and Email Newsletters: In OL 604 you will learn how to capture new newsletter subscribers more efficiently to increase the size and quality of your mailing list. You will also learn how to get more people to open your newsletters and then ‘click through’ to your website to a dovetailed landing page.
Nonprofit AdWords Certificate Courses: Let us show you how to get a $10K/month Google AdWords advertising grant for your nonprofit. Learn how to write AdWords campaigns, track performance, write website landing pages & optimize ads for your goals. In this diploma program you will learn how to make you AdWords campaigns parallel to your web site’s action-oriented landing pages. There are four courses in this diploma program. Each course is $150.00
Six Month Mentored Program in Nonprofit Communications: Work Smarter: Six Months to a More Focused, Organized You. In this 6 month intensive training program, we will focus on improving communication with your supporters—whether they are donors, volunteers, corporate sponsors or your programs’ clients. You will design & launch your own new campaign during the program that will work very closely with your new web site. In fact, you can use the Communications program to begin writing the next set of pages for your web site.
Have a question? Please write us with any questions you may have.

The 10 day starting point begins when you have a registered domain name, a hosting package and a DNS service (in most cases we walk you through this quickly at a single location like Bluehost). And… when you have sent us the content listed in the Content Checklist that we will send you.
  1. We will review your information sheet—and write you with questions.
  2. We will send you the Content Checklist of things that we will need for your new web site.
  3. You can send us the content as attachments.
  4. We will put together the first two web pages and send them to you for comment.
  5. We will complete the web site and have you look at it one more time.
  6. Then we will launch it and make it live!
We look forward to working with you!