Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 50% in These 8 Steps

Your Carbon Footprint: 8 Steps to Cut Your CO2 Emissions by 50% The IPCC Report has declared that we need to be at NET ZERO carbon emissions by 2050 to keep global warming below 1.5°C. How Can You Prevent Climate Change? Step 1. Run a Carbon Footprint Calculator on Your Household. DOWNLOAD PDF The average […]

Step 1: How to Perform a Personal Carbon Footprint Estimate

Your Carbon Footprint:  How to Cut It by 50% Step 1. Run a Carbon Footprint Estimate on Your Household. Step One: How to Perform a Personal Carbon Footprint Estimate The average US citizen generates 16.4 tons of CO2 emissions per year. By 2050 we need to reduce that to zero. Here are practical, achievable ideas […]

Building Bridges & Bonds: Climate Change Believers & Skeptics

Building Bridges and Bonds: How to Communicate With Community Members Skeptical About Climate Change. How to Communicate With Community Members Skeptical About Climate Change Create your message to best fit community perception, needs & values. How You Can Help Climate Skeptics Prepare for a Changing Climate Are you trying to help climate skeptics prepare for […]

You Can Design One Too: Our 100 Best Field Projects

You Can Design One Too: The Best 100 Sustainable Development Student Projects 10 YEARS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT STUDENT PROJECTS Become the Solution: CSDi Partner Sustainable Development Projects Have Helped over 400,000 People For our 10th Anniversary Celebration, we are issuing this summary of our 100 best sustainable development student projects. Be sure to subscribe to […]

Home Gardens for Food Security. First step: Soil Restoration with Compost

Home Gardening for Food SecurityDuring the past few years while I’ve been working I haven’t had access a garden. Just a month ago I changed houses and have a little plot of ground now. I began collecting seed packets a few months ago in anticipation of the move. Two weeks ago, I planted most of […]

Tim Magee’s Food Garden: Getting Started with Nutrition

I’m trying my hand at growing a new food garden in order “walk my talk” and to gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges that my food security, nutrition and home garden students living in tropical countries face in growing food. I’ve successfully had vegetable gardens in England and in the States—and had a container garden […]

Urban Agriculture: I Return Full Circle to my Urban Roots

Urban Agriculture: I Return Full Circle to my Urban Roots By the early 70s I was an avid vegetable gardener. My interest began during high school in Southern California and then continued during university in Great Britain. The Brits are phenomenal gardeners and I learned a tremendous amount there—including during the period where I worked […]

Visit a Victory Garden in Manchester England

Family garden allotments have been being used in England since the 1700s. Typically, a town council provides a tract of land and sets up an allotment association to manage the allotment and coordinate with the individual gardeners. During WW II Victory Garden days, families were given a 10 yard by 30 yard (today they are […]

Visit a Victory Garden Part 2: Coventry England

Last week we visited a family garden in Manchester—this week we will visit a family garden in Coventry—in the Midlands of England. Chris Francis’ allotment at the Beachwood/Earlsdon Allotments are near the center of Coventry. Chris was kind enough to give me a tour of her allotment that she has had for 3 years. Chris […]

Income generation: $150 a month in vegetable sales

Income generation: $150 a month in vegetables sales I have several friends here in Guatemala with whom I actively trade seeds, seedlings, and excess produce from our vegetable gardens. Slowly, over time we’ve learned which varieties function well in our high altitude (1840M/6040ft) tropical climate. We have all worked on growing basic food for our […]

Food Sovereignty

In the Center for Sustainable Development’s online field courses, students actually develop real projects with real community expressed need. In tallying up different kinds of projects, by and large, more student projects are related to growing food than any other single community challenge. There are projects that are designed to address unsustainable farming practices, developing […]

Part 2: Meet the People. Challenges, Solutions & Funding Interviews

In last month’s newsletter—Nonprofit Interviews: Challenges, Solutions & Funding—I wrote about 16 non profit organizations that I interviewed in California. I wanted to see firsthand what challenges this range of nonprofits was facing and what goals they were hoping to achieve over the next 12 months. I published a detailed list of the results in […]

Do you feel client input is important in nonprofit program design?

Chapter 1 Summary of my complementary, 50 page e-book: Four Powerful 1st Steps in Designing & Funding Non Profit Projects.   This newsletter is a summary of the introductory discussion from the book on participatory needs assessments complete with downloadable resources: step-by-step instructions, examples and templates. Click here to access a PDF of the full, […]

Field Guide: Capturing Compelling Photos from the Field

Field Guide: Capturing Compelling Photos from the Field Field Guide: Capturing Compelling Photos from the Field Adding Images to your Non Profit CommunicationsOne of the biggest challenges that I see with nonprofits is a shortage of good quality photographs. In the last Newsletter we looked at the importance of using compelling field stories in reports, […]

Capturing Compelling Non Profit Stories

Capturing Compelling Non Profit Stories Whether writing a final report to a donor, a quarterly newsletter, or an annual appeal, many of us look upon these assignments with trepidation. We instantly become seasoned procrastinators. Thoughts go through our heads like ‘no one is going to read this anyway.’ And then there is the time factor: […]