How To Design & Fund: International Development NGO Projects

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1. About Your Course Teacher: Tim Magee

2. Introduction. How To Design & Fund International Development NGO Projects

3. How to Access & Download Specialized Course Homework Directions and Templates

4. How to get the Most Benefit from this Course

5. Boost your Course Experience with an International Partner

SECTION 1: A Community of People Define the Local Challenge

6. Discussion on Community Based Needs Assessments

7. Assignment 1: Define the Community Challenge

8. A1 Screencast: Challenge + Root Cause + Negative Impact = Project Design

9. Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change Option

10. Assignment 2: Select Solutions, Develop Theory of Change, End Challenge

11. A2 Screencast: Design your First Project Presentation

12. Assignment 3: Will your Theory Work? Use Science to Research Solutions

13. Assignment 4: Community Feedback on your First Project Design

SECTION 2: Project Management Tools to Fund, Launch and Run Your Project

14. Assignment 5: How to Organize your Design Idea for Funding & Project Management

15. A5 Screencast: Turn Your Idea into a Logic Matrix to be Shared with other People

16. Assignment 6. Make it Real: Add Specialized Activities to your Logic Matrix

17. A6 Screencast: Step by Step: How to Design Activities for your Logic Matrix

18. Assignment 7. Plan for Impact: How to Monitor the Success of your Project

19. A7 Screencast: Step by Step: How to Show Evidence of the Success of your Project

20. Assignment 8. Design a Specialized Project Budget: Necessary for Accounting

21. A8 Screencast. Step by Step: How to Express Cash Needs to a Donor & Manage Cash

22. Assignment 9. Communication: The Graphic Design of a Project Schedule

23. A9 Screencast: Step by Step: How Long do Activities Take: Feedback for the Budget

SECTION 3: Finance your Project: Seek Donor Support with these Tools

24. Assignment 10. Connect—Win Support with Clear Communication about your Community

25. A10 Screencast. Step by Step. Writing a Compelling Mini Proposal about your Idea

26. Assignment 11. Perfect Presentation: Challenge—Solutions—Finance—Benefit—Impact

27. Assignment 11 Ask Questions: Donor Development through Shared Communication

28. Thank You: A Few Tips and a Summary of Course Concepts

29. Next Steps: How to Expand upon your Experience in this Foundation Course

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