If you work with a nonprofit on programs such as food banks, animal welfare, teen drop-in centers, homeless shelters, day care centers, the arts, education, health, human services, community development, or environmental restoration, this new, short video will help you see how to develop sustainable, fundable projects.
Watch the new video on designing and funding non profit projects by Tim Magee.
Advance your Career, Raise Funds and Solve Challenges
The program is for non profit and donor staff—and job-seekers wanting to successfully solve community challenges. Participants work on programs such as social services, community development, education, the environment and social justice—among others—and had decided to enroll in the program because they were:

  • developing skill sets for a better job or for a promotion
  • hoping to improve donor communications and donations
  • wanting to learn to develop projects that solve challenges
  • seeking time saving techniques for getting everything done
Great Project Design + Extra Funding = Increased Services
This program will lead you in developing a winning, impact oriented project to help you:

  • increase funding for your program services
  • design impact and sustainability into your project
  • boost project successes using evidence-based techniques
  • engage donors with improved communications

If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact us at: Online.Learning@TimMagee.net.

We look forward to working with you online.



Tim Magee

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